Why Women's Dresses Don't Have Pockets

Why Women's Dresses Don't Have Pockets

To be honest a dress without pockets is just stupid. There should never be a time when a dress doesn't have pockets.

Women have every right to have pockets in their clothing just as men do. 

However, we have to consider history. History has always had it that women "pockets" were their purse. Therefore pockets in their dresses was not a need. However we live in 2023, where pockets in a woman's dress is a need. We have kids and responsibilities with jobs. Meaning, we have keys, cards, cellphones and all the things, therefore requiring us to hold on to more. Pockets simply make things more of an easy access instead of digging In a purse.

This is why I created this dress with pockets. Pockets in a dress simply makes a woman more functional. 

This dress is for the BOLD only. All pockets are vintage and no pockets in any dress is exactly the same. 

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